Programs In Action

We see the need for social advocacy and healing in the low and very low-income community. In response, we partner with local leaders to foster restoration, healing, and hope.


18 years of building women's leadership through this grassroots empowerment program.

The Origin Story

Washington Elementary Principal Maria Evans probably knew she had a difficult assignment when she was assigned to a low-income inner-city elementary school in the heart of Downtown San Jose. Soon after arriving, she recognized underneath this low-performing school afflicted by poverty and gang violence, there was something special. It was community.

While there was a lack of money, resources, and education, there was a deep and powerful network of communal ties and strong families in this Latino neighborhood. Principal Evans tapped that power and nurtured it in a program called “Madre-A-Madre” (Mother to Mother).

Principal Evans selected community leader Maria Marcelo to lead the organization. It started out slowly, with only two or three moms showing up at meetings back in 2004. They relentlessly invited the mothers, and pretty soon four or five moms were coming, then 10-15, then 30, and eventually it grew to more than 80 moms on the best weeks.

Fifteen years later, Madre-A-Madre has gone through ups and downs, facing numerous challenges. Nonetheless, it still thrives today under Maria Marcelo’s leadership.

Madre-A-Madre Today

Today Madre-A-Madre continues to empower, educate, and encourage moms every week, just as it has done for the past 15 years. Each week we invite a speaker to come and present in Spanish on an important topic. We have invited immigration attorneys, physicians, mental health professionals, college and career counselors, pastors, community leaders. and prominent politicians. Some notable past presenters include San Jose Chief of Police Eddie Garcia, Mayor Sam Liccardo, US Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, Senator Jim Beall, and others.

As an official ministry of Healing Grove Health Center, Madre-A-Madre’s impact has outgrown Washington Elementary, and now aims to impact the city of San Jose. Check out the photos below for a pictorial history of this powerful program!

Women As Leaders In The Home And The Community

  • Women Empowerment

    • Empowering women to be leaders of their communities, schools, and families.
  • Trainings And Classes

    • Training women to be effective mothers and leaders.
  • Political Advocacy

    • Engaging women in political advocacy to systematically change their community for the better.
  • Community Building

    • Building community among women to help encourage healthy relationships
  • Local Organization Partnership

    • Women impacting the community through volunteering and partnering with other organizations.
  • Affecting Change In Policies

    • Women setting policy to make their communities safer and more affordable.
  • Young Women Mentorship

    • Empowering the next generation of women by mentoring young women from elementary school into college.

Niños Interesantes

Work self-esteem, respect, leadership, trust, love, companionship, values, security and art. Abuse, addictions and emotions negative.

Overcoming Trauma With Art

We give educational workshops for parents with topics relevant to the lives of their children. We want as parents, help our children achieve a better future. Artistic and recreational activities to help mothers raise their children through culture.

Art In The Community

  • Bringing Families Together

    • Gathering parents and teens to talk honestly about the trauma in their past, guiding them toward holistic healing through Jesus-centered soul care.
  • Art That Sparks Conversations

    • Using art to spark conversations that lead to breakthroughs in healing. Oftentimes it is easier to express feelings through art which are hard to say verbally.
  • Facilitate Conversations

    • Facilitating conversations that help teens and parents identify adverse childhood events in their past, to experience healing through faith, and build resilience for a promising future.
  • Forgiveness Through Art

    • Practicing forgiveness can bring healing and life, clearing out the bitterness and pain that was previously there. It’s a complicated process but when done well, it is powerfully healing.

Luke 14 Party

Join us for a meal together style of Jesus for those who are on the streets.

Every Tuesday 4:00 PM to 6:30PM Guadalupe River

But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed.

Free banquet.

  • Fellowship

  • Empathy

  • Companionship

  • Solidarity